I paid what I should do now?

You will receive the download link via e-mail and in your account on our website after the passage of payment. You can download file not more than 10 times for 10 days. After this link will be deactivated.

I got the link, but I cannot dowload file.

This may occur as a result of temporary technical problems on the repository site. In this case, please try to download the file in 30-40 minutes.

What formats have files of digital collages?

You can download only the JPG and PNG files (for some collages) in automatic mode, after the payment. If you need another format (PSD, PDF, GIF, PNG, etc.), please consult us in advance. You can pay your order only after receiving an affirmative answer.

How rightly print a collage ?

The collage has the high resolution, therefore it may turns out with another size. It depends from settings of your PC. The saved file print with program, allowing to choose scale. For example, Photoshop or Paint. Choose 100 % scale in the print settings in this program.

You can change the scale if you want to get the size a little different from specified. Note: our files have high resolution, so they can be printed and a bit larger size.

For example:
- you have circles with 1 inch diameter, and you want to print circles with 0.7 inches.
To do this, calculate the desired scale in accordance with the proportion: 0.7х100%/1=70%
- you have 0.7 inch diameter. In order to obtain 1.2 inches we must calculate: 1.2×100%/0.7=171,4%

What paper is best for printing?

A special photo paper for your printer will be best. For example, for the Epson printer paper Epson is suitable.